Fluidline Valves

Gate Valves

A Gate Valve, is a valve that opens by lifting a round or rectangular gate/wedge out of the path of the fluid.

Design Features:
Designed for high pressure and high temperature applications, for a wide range of fluids except slurries and viscous fluids. These valves are generally used in the wide open or closed position, are not recommended for throttling service because throttling causes disc chattering and vibration which is likely to erode the seating surface and cause leakage.

Petroleum, Power Generation, Chemicals, Fertilizer, Steel industry, Isolation Drain, Shut-Off Valves, Feed Water and Steam

Handwheel, Chainwheel, Gear Electrical Actuator, Pneumatic/Hydraulic, Actuator Operated.

Special Features:
Pressure Sealed joints/ Double Block and Bleed/ Cryogenic Service to BS 6364/ Nace Specifications (MR-01-75), Position Indicator, Drainplug & Bypass Arrangement

Production Capacity: 2"-12" - 550 Nos/Month, 14" & above - 150 Nos/Month
Size Range
ANSI Class
Cast Carbon Steel / Cast Aloy Steel
2" - 36"
Bolted or Pressure Sealed
150# - 2500#
API 600,
BS 1414,
Cast Stainless Steel
2" - 36"
Bolted or Pressure Sealed
150# - 2500#
API 600,
BS 1414,
2" - 10"
Bolted Bonnet
150# - 600#
API 600,
BS 1414

Temperature range: -100°C to 800°C
Pressure Rating: Vacuum upto 621 BAR
End to End Dimension: ANSI B 16.10/ DIN 3230
Inspection Std.: API 598/ BS 6755
Ends: Flanged/ Buttweld

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