Fluidline Valves

Globe Valves

A Globe Valve is used for regulating flow in a pipeline, and consists of a movable disk-type element and a stationary ring-seat, in a spherical body.

Design Features:
Designed for least possible obstruction to free flow by providing curvature turns in the body thereby minimising stresses & turbulence. The plug & seat-ring are machined and lapped very precisely to get a very tight sealing when valve is closed. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and, durability.

Petroleum, Power Generation, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Steel Industry, Natural Gas/Fuel Oil Control, Steam Control and Feed Water Control.

Operators: Handwheel, Chainwheel, Gear Electrical Actuator, Pneumatic/Hydraulic, Actuator Operated.

Special Features: Pressure Sealed Joints/Double Block and Bleed/Cryogenic Service to BS 6364/Nace Specifications (MR-01-75), Regulating Discs for Throttling Service, Double Disc, Bypass Arrangement.  

Production Capacity - 2"-12"- 650 Nos/Month - 14"-20" - 50 Nos/Month
Size Range
ANSI Class
Cast Carbon Steel / Cast Aloy Steel
2" - 20"
Bolted or Pressure Sealed
150# - 2500#
BS 1873
Cast Stainless Steel
2" - 20"
Bolted or Pressure Sealed
150# - 2500#
BS 1873
2" - 8"
Bolted Bonnet
150# - 600#
BS 1873

Temperature Range: Vacuum - 545°C
Pressure Rating: Vaccum upto 621 BAR
End to End Dimensions: ANSI B 16.10
Inspection Std.: API 598/BS 6755
Ends: Flanged/Buttweld